MASTERS OF METAL is the Los Angeles based band launched by seasoned veterans Juan Garcia (guitars), Bernie Versailles (guitars & vocals), Robert Cardenas (bass & backing vocals), Rigo Amezcua (drums). The four-piece group released their debut EP in April 2013, which included 4 blistering tracks with everything that you can expect from members of AGENT STEEL. Recorded by Bill Metoyer (FATES WARNING, TROUBLE, GWAR), and mixed by Bernie Versailles; who’s previous work includes AGENT STEEL comeback classics “Omega Conspiracy” (1999)  “Order of the illuminati” (2003), and “Alienigma” (2007).
The band had been working on the completion of their debut full length album for the last few years; just as the album was about to be completed Versailles suffered a brain injury and ended up in a coma in the early part of October 2014. Since his unfortunate accident he’s been making a recovery with the help of friends, family, and the fans.  Producer Bill Metoyer, who also tracked the last song “Vengeance & Might” which features lead vocals by James Rivera completed the album. The band recently signed to Metalville Records for the release of the debut full length album “From Worlds Beyond” featuring cover artwork by Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, Firewind, Angra). The new album is due out on September 18, 2015.
 Track Listing:
1. Supremacy
2. World Left In Cinders
3. Third Eye
4. Tomb of Ra
5. Eclipse
6. The Mindless
7. MK Ultra
8. Into The Vortex
9. Doors Beyond Our Galaxy
10. Evolution of Being
11. Vengeance & Might (Featuring: James Rivera)